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I felt like everything going on in my life was hovering over my head despite the fact I was on vacation. But being in such a spiritually rich atmosphere, aesthetically healing place, accompanied by some of my closest friends and new friends made, I realised that that stuff is not even important.


Being there in the moment, of whatever amazing thing is happening because the universe led you there is what’s important. Living your life only showing people love and positivity is what’s important. Laughing until your guts ache is what’s important. Pushing yourself to the limit and being face to face with makes you wanna shit yourself is what’s important.

Jae, Bali Retreat May 

Bali was nothing short of an amazing experience. Words can't describe the cocktail of Luxury, Purpose, Fun, Activity, Friendship, Bonding, Challenges, and Victories. The list can go on and on and on but overall it was an experience I can't wait to live again. Being in such tranquility is the break I feel we all needed by mostly all deserved and it was pure bliss.


Gratitude overwhelmed me day in and day out and to mention that I now have friends from Australia and Washington DC is a cherry on top. I enjoyed particularly the water rafting activity and me facilitating the SELF:I:E workshops and seeing how it impacted the women, reassured me of my purpose and the impact I will make in life. It was breathtaking, refreshing and NEEDED. Can't wait for the next one!

Biss Akins, Bali Retreat May

Going to Bali with the JustLanded team, I really didn’t know what to expect. With the stresses of life weighing me down at times, I even questioned whether it was wise for me to go. But I really thank God that I did. I can only describe the feeling of being in such a breathtaking, tranquil and spiritual place with such talented, enriched and purposeful people as a true blessing. 


From the luxurious villa, to the challenging thrill-seeking excursions and the empowering SELF:IE workshops. This retreat was overflowing with fun, positivity, laughter, light, friendship, healing and countless breakthroughs. I believe everything in life happens for a reason and I truly believe God hand-picked each one of us by our purpose to uplift and help one other along our respective journeys. I’m so grateful for the experience and for the new friendships that were formed - and so organically!


This retreat was pure bliss and it was all a result of the meticulous planning by the Just Landed team. I had 0 fears or worries and I’m grateful for that. 


This trip was DEFINITELY needed and I cannot wait for Tanzania! 

Pauline, Bali Retreat May

The retreat to Bali was honestly and truly an experience I will remember and cherish forever. To most, trusting a complete stranger to plan your vacation from start to end is something they would never even consider but I am so glad I did! The experience was one that left me feeling refreshed, fulfilled, inspired and most importantly so grateful for the new friendships I was able to form. Every aspect of the trip was so perfectly thought out & planned to ensure we all got the most out of the retreat.  It was so nice to constantly be in the presence of such fun, creative, uplifting, kind and loving girls who encouraged my personal growth and in a picturesque city like Bali.  I cannot wait to go on another Just Landed retreat, or reunite with everyone... whichever comes first!!

Esi, Bali Retreat May

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